Toronto Christian Worship Center

Who We Are

Reverend Mary Jane Bilenduke

Toronto Christian Worship Center is a place where we are producing a BRAND.

Our Father’s love is very important in producing “The Brand”. We want to see the church of Jesus Christ rise up to a new level of awareness of who they are “Fearfully and wonderfully made” and “Make A Difference”.

Our Father said we were created in “His Image and Likeness”. Therefore we believe we have a “Destiny Image” that goes beyond the natural. Our Father dreamed dreams over us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. He has a plan with a purpose. We believe we are on a “Dream Journey” to fulfill the dreams our Father had for us before the foundations of the world. This can only come out of an intimate relationship with Him.

The Brand to make a difference comes out of going on the journey with the awareness we are in a school, which is our daily life, to learn how to live for Him, and make a difference. Everyone has a story to tell, and our testimony and being able to write it in book form, or share it one on one with others is important. So for this we have a “Writers Club” for those who would want to “Tell Their Story”.

The purpose of raising up “The Brand” is to remember the children. Making the world we live in a better place for them. We want to leave a legacy so they have a solid one to build on.

The School of Making a Difference….

Everyone Has A Story To Tell…

Remember The Children…

Helping people not stay where they are but helping them move forward, through knowing God’s love, how amazing we are, and what can happen when we choose to move forward and not look back. “Nothing Is Impossible With God.”

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