Toronto Christian Worship Center

Special Thanks!

Our many thanks to those who have given to help us in all that we are doing to “Make A Difference”.

To those who have given financially we say a big “Thank You!”

The many volunteers that are faithful every week to come and serve at our Family Meal. A big “Thank You!”

The Home Depot/Gerrard Square

Manager Matt Dillon of The Home Depot at Gerrard Square, who responded to a letter sent to The Home Depot, asking for assistance in window coverings for a single mom who was in need.

The Home Depot went beyond what we could have even imagined. They really got involved by sending staff in to measure the windows, custom make the blinds and then install them. It was amazing how much they gave of themselves as representatives of caring people.

The Home Depot/Mississauga, Dundas & Mavis

We had been given some finances to buy an Upright Freezer for someone who was in great need of one. We did make a purchase from a Applicance Outlet store in Mississauga with this donation. When the gentleman went to pick it up for delivery they said it was sold, they did return the money but we were again looking for an Upright Freezer.

About a day before this happened I received a call from The Home Depot in Mississauga, who we had sent a letter concerning the blinds about a month before and they were just responding back to our letter. The message that was left from Sharon, a manager there sounded like they were open to helping with the blinds.
Well the blind need had been met but we had a Freezer need.

The short version of the story is, The Home Depot Mississauga, sold us the Upright Freezer at the amount donated to purchase one, Sharon the manager even put some money toward the purchase of it to make up the difference.

Our Thanks to you for helping.

Pinchin Environmental Ltd, Mississauga

We received a call one day saying “We have heard of the good work you are doing and we want to give.

Pinchin made a financial gift, but not only that they helped with a computer for a young child who would not have one if it were not for them.

Posted in School of Making a Difference on March 20, 2014.