Toronto Christian Worship Center


By donating to Toronto Christian Worship Center, you are giving in areas that you might never have dreamed you made a difference. I will explain some of this to you. Buy purchasing clothes, foot wear, head phones, for Students, in Public School or High School that are Student trends, can keep a young male from getting involved in the drug trade to get the money to have such things, or a young girl from prostitution. The Student population has no mercy on those who are poor and not in style. This pressure also often keeps them from good grades and/or finishing High School.

Your giving can provide proper nutrition for a New Born child whos Mom does not have the ability to purchase these items on a consistant basis to see the child properly develop. Along with other interventions like helping her learn how to be a Mom, taking her under our wing to mentor her.

Your giving provides the means to travel to Federal Prisons to help the men who need change, change, along with supporting in some way their families. We want to develop a safer society, and our work is helping them come out and make a difference, because they are the difference. I personally as a Pastor am working with inmates at two Federal Prisions in Ontario, who are writing “Their Story”. We also visit the children and help the families of these men . It is amazing the healing you can see taking place in their life as they go on their of journey “Everyone Has A Story To Tell.”

We rise up to the challenge of food, clothing, and personal items and support others may need that come into our pathway. We are very involved with many who are suffering from severe mental challenges and addictions and are seeing a difference in their approach in life. Some have begun writing “Their Story” and they are finding healing in this

We are wanting to help the Youth who have not found their place in life and live outdoors under bridges in our City of Toronto.

Seniors who dig in the garbage to find food, or cans and bottles to take to recycling so they can get that little bit extra to survivie. We also make sure they have cooked meals to take home every week.

We want to purchase a good video camera to begin an internet/television program to make everyone aware of the need and the difference they are making in their giving. I personally am amazed at some of “Their Stories” and they are real life “Stories”.

Blessings, and thank you form the bottom of my heart for your giving. The individuals we are involved with though desperate, in ways they are real hero’s. I often think about their condition and daily challenges and wonder if I would be able to live through this

Love you all.

Pastor Mary Jane