Toronto Christian Worship Center


While visiting the Federal Prisons, my intention is to bring healing to the men before they leave so they can be better men, fathers, and have positive purpose upon leaving. At one of the Chapel Services, I used the cd “Captured” as part of the service. After the message I had the men take some time soaking in His Presence, listening to this cd. When it was over everyone commented on how well this made them feel. I could tell by their faces something good had happened. A few of them came up to me asking about the cd. Knowing that they do not have access to purchase things like this or the finances, and having seen the impact it had on the men, I e mailed the Rivera’s asking if we could copy “Captured” for the men. Alberto got back to me and said we could copy any of their materials for the Prisons. What a great blessing this was for everyone. But not only this, when I was leaving, one of the people who worked in the office’s near by the Chapel commented to me “Boy that music was very compelling, I really liked it.”

I let a few of the people in our church know about what Alberto had said in regard to letting us use their materials for the prisons, one of the ladies who had just purchased “Captured” because we had used it in one of our Friday nite soaking times, had taken it to her place of work. She said she had it on low playing in her cubical when one of the ladies near by came over and said “What are you listening to, I have been listening to it and it is so soothing.” Our church member was able to let her know what she was listening to and also share her faith with this person, who was not a Christian. The lady was very open.

We thank the Rivera’s for their gift to us of using their music, and pray God’s more on their life for giving.

Posted in School of Making a Difference on December 3, 2012.