Toronto Christian Worship Center

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Remember the Children

School of Making a Difference

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Toronto Christian Worship Center

Welcome to the official Toronto Christian Worship Center website. Toronto Christian Worship Center is a place where Destiny, Image, Our Father's Dream for us, and fulfillment of that dream as we journey into Destiny through the Image of who we were created to be, is our focus. Getting there is going on the journey of knowing who you are through a revelation of Our Father's love, and His great plan for our lives. He dreamed dreams over our life before we were formed in our mother's womb. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. He spoke image, greatness, and dreamed dreams that He has called us to fulfil before we were physically born. The purpose of fulfilling Father's dreams will make a difference, and change the next generation because we are the difference to make a difference. Everyone has a story to tell of how brokenness kept them from the dream, but as they realize their Father's love, and His dreams for them they move into greatness. They enter into true purpose and meaning and what it means and feels like to walk with God, who is our Father. It is amazing and no one can describe the experience, except you experience it for yourself.

365 College Street
Sunday Service - 12:30

103 Bellvue Ave., Corner of College and Bellvue
Sunday Night Service
Fellowship - 5-6 pm
Service - 6-7 pm
Family Meal - 7-8 pm

Knowing Our Father's love and going on the journey to greatness will:......

Make a difference for the next generation and generations to come.

Will change the culture we now live in because you are able to walk with God in an intimate and personal way. You have His wisdom, knowledge and understanding, it now is who you are, living in His Presence.

Fulfil the plan for the family, business world, education, government, etc. Wherever you are you will see ways to make a difference.

In telling "Your Story" you bring hope, encouragement, and make a difference helping everyone to see they too have a "Story" to tell.

And above all else you are changed and know the true meaning of what it means to be "A child of God". You finally come into the understanding of true "Sonship".